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Specializing in Fort Collins roofing services for hail restoration claims, using specialty roofing materials, and 100% client satisfaction, we have the knowledge, the expertise and the desire to transform your home or commercial property into something you can count on.

Working and living in Northern Colorado for more than 35 years, we know what a roof needs to last through the snowy winter and the dry summers. Cracks, damage and leaks often form from roofers who don’t understand the materials a Colorado home needs to last, and we work hard to find the products and the techniques which stand the test of time.

From start to finish, our greatest asset is yours as well: Communication. A roofer can install the best roof in the best way, but if they haven’t communicated effectively with the client, it can wind up being the wrong material, the wrong price and the wrong service. That is why we strive to be unmatched in both areas of skill and communication. Working with you, finding out everything you need from us, is the fastest path we’ve found to success, for both our company and our clients.

Whether your Fort Collins roofing services needs range from patching, restoration, or installation of an entirely new roof, we have the products and skills to do it all. From start to finish, you’ll be in contact with our owner, who will be on-site every step of the way.

No more: Miscommunication, Out-of-Budget Costs, or Upselling

Insurance Claims

After a Colorado severe weather event like a hail or wind storm it is always best to have your roof and house assessed for possible damages. Wood Street Builders is here to help with that process. With many years of experience dealing with insurance companies, we understand the claims process and are here to help with any and all questions.

Remember there is always a roofer/salesman out there that will tell you your roof is damaged and make inflated claims for their own personal benefit. Make sure to get an honest opinion from a Fort Collins roofing services company before making a claim.

At Wood Street Builders we are here to give fair, honest assessments without any inflated promises. We aren’t out to sell, but rather coach, guide and most importantly help make sense of the situation and assess damages so that you may get your house and life back in order.

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