Northern Colorado Hit by Hail and Tornadoes in Dangerous Storm 

Courtesy Channel 4 News Denver

For those of us who watch the weather – we were well aware of the building humidity along with extreme temperatures Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. It was just a matter of time before storm cells formed wreaking havoc in northern Colorado on Monday afternoon.

The National Weather Service issued a PDS alert (Particularly Dangerous Storm) warning – by midafternoon. The warning, according to Chris Spears, storm chaser and weather reporter for DENVER (CBS4) is rare – not only in Colorado but also across the U.S.

The storm cells reaching 65,000 ft high raced to the northeast and blew up over Windsor, Ault and Nunn. The towns were hit severely with hail that ranged from pea size to egg and baseball size in diameter. It appears that the towns of Pierce and Nunn north of Greeley were ground zero for the storm for a while and took the brunt of the hail onslaught.

The Coloradoan reported on “giant hail” and tornadoes in northern Colorado and a Channel 7 viewer submitted this photo of tennis ball sized hail.

Courtesy Chris Crownhart

Spears held up an egg-sized piece of hail from the car where he is reporting. Sorry for the pic Chris… guess I owe you one.

Courtesy Channel 4 News Denver

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