Northern Colorado roofing contractor advises of an alert issued by NWS

Northern Colorado Hit by Hail and Tornadoes in Dangerous Storm  For those of us who watch the weather – we were well aware of the building humidity along with extreme temperatures Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. It was just a matter of time before storm cells formed wreaking havoc in northern Colorado on Monday afternoon. […]

Denver Hail Damage expert in Northern Colorado

  Remember the Denver storm that hit a month ago? Actually if you live in Denver you will probably not forget it for a long time. The storm pummeled cars and homes and at this point it looks like it may end up as the costliest storm ever recorded in Colorado – according to colleagues […]

Hail Damage Repair in Fort Collins

  We found some interesting facts about hail and Colorado storms on the Denver 7 news web site as well as on the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association page. Did you know? “The largest recorded hailstone in U.S. history fell on July 23, 2010, in Vivian, South Dakota, measuring 8 inches in diameter and weighing […]

Hail damage roof repair in Arvada

Spring is here… and so are the afternoon storms that bring wind, rain and hail and even tornadoes.   Monday, May 8 marked the first severe weather outbreak of the season bringing large damaging hail to the greater Denver metro area. Denver News Channel 7 broadcast coverage as the storm that blew in from Denver and […]

roofing contractor and Fort Collins home remodeling in Northern Colorado remodeling a deck

Welcome to our official blog page, where we will be providing the latest updates on our products and services, as well as tips and tricks on anything roofing or remodeling. With over 35 years of experience and a valued crew, Wood Street Builders was formed to bring Northern Colorado a remodeling and roofing contractor they […]

05 Aug 2015
Berthoud roof repair company Wood Street Builders

While an in-depth examination of your commercial roof should be performed by a qualified roofing professional, there are some observations that can be made by the owner that will help the roof last longer and save money in repair costs. Now, it is rather dangerous walking on a roof, so caution should be exercised. For […]

05 Aug 2015
Fort Collins Roofing Contractor Wood Street Builders

Many homeowners will suffer storm or hail damage to their roof at some juncture over the course of their lives, it is unavoidable. Soon, our seasonal snowstorms will be replaced with the rain and hail season, but hail can really happen any time throughout the year. Hail damage happens most in the Midwest states of the nation, and damage […]