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So it’s time to throw out the old roof, and put on a fresh new layer. The choices may seem daunting with so many styles, ratings, and prices. Thankfully we’ve built a helpful guide for helping you select the roofing materials for your roof type. Pitched, or sloped, roofs range from moderate slopes to 45-degree, […]

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Welcome to our official blog page, where we will be providing the latest updates on our products and services, as well as tips and tricks on anything roofing or remodeling. With over 35 years of experience and a valued crew, Wood Street Builders was formed to bring Northern Colorado a remodeling and roofing contractor they […]

05 Aug 2015
Berthoud roof service Wood Street Builders recommends to inspect your roof from time to time

Before old man winter makes his grand appearance, it is ever so important that you have your roof inspected to ensure a safe, dry and warm winter. Taking the time and just a little effort will go a long way in protecting your family from the potential surprises you might encounter in the dead of […]

05 Aug 2015
roof damage repair company Wood Street Builders

Let’s face it, unless your roof is leaking water or is otherwise severely damaged, you pay little attention to it. That is, you may not notice a problem with your roof until something goes very wrong. If there is a problem, it’s a good idea to call your Fort Collins roofing contractor right away. But […]